PPLEASE USE YOUR HANDOUT ON REPRODUCTION TO ANSWER THE ATTACHED WORKSHEET. WORK CAN BE DONE ON A FOLDER SHEET AND SENT THROUGH MY EMAIL fcastillo@ccc.edu.bz or whatss 634 5533 or moodle. Any work pending can still be sent through this month and enetered in gradebook. Every two weeks meaning May 15, 29 and Jun 12 ONE TASK will be submitted. The exam weighting of 20% will be decreased to 13% and an additional weighting will be added which is SUBMISSION COVID nd its worth 7% which will have the three tasks each worth 5 pts and if you're engaged meaning contacted so I know your status in regards to your work, then you will be given the 5 points. PLEASE REMEMBER ONLY ONE WORK I WILL ENTER FOR THE LOCKDOWN MARCH 23-APRIL 3 WHICH MAY BE EITHER THE REVISION WORK OR EXAM STYLE DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH FEEDBACK I GET FROM THE CLASS SO PLEASE SUBMIT IF YOU HAVE NOT. SEE YOU TUESDAYS AT 1PM . YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT THE ABOVE NUM. THANKS. MS FLOR