Computerisation has revolutionised the way documents are created, stored and transmitted. It has facilitated greater efficiency and

more innovative ways of sharing information. The computer continues to be an indispensable tool in the world of work. The ability to use

the computer provides essential skills for prospective employees in the fields of data preparation and data management.

Students seeking opportunities in the world of work or pursuing further studies must develop

competence and proficiency in the use of computers and related electronic hardware devices. The Electronic Document Preparation

and Management (EDPM) syllabus is designed to equip students with knowledge and computer-related skills required to enhance the

performance of clerical and administrative tasks.

The EDPM syllabus will provide a holistic approach to acquisition of knowledge and the development of candidates’ decision-making

and problem-solving skills. It is suited for candidates pursuing any discipline, as the competencies and skills developed in the

preparation and management of electronic documents are interdisciplinary and imperative in the world of work or in the pursuit of

further studies.