Course Description:

Physical Education is very important and relevant. It is the instruction in various kinds of physical activity to promote the physical development and well-being of the individual. The program will continue to emphasize the importance of Physical Education and Sports as recreational and prophylactic activity. The knowledge and understanding of the movement of the body will permit students to be more effective in the sport that he or she desires to practice in the future.

During this first semester of Physical Education and Sports students will engage in the learning and understanding of the rules and movement in Basketball, Softball, Track and Field and Football, based on the theoretical and practical aspects ; which will permit them to learn and appreciate the benefit of the different sports.

They will be exposed to the various procedures to undertake during casualties that may occur during class or practice session. The knowledge of major bones and muscles in the human body will surely give students a better understanding of the various movements in the physical activity they engage in.


Students will develop values such as honesty, cooperation, responsibility, respect, etc. which are essential for life.